I have many skills, but these are my greatest capabilities.

Brand Identity

With over 7 years of branding experience while leading dynamic design teams, I have worked on many small business and corporate brand identities. In 2023, our design firm Yesterday Design Co. Ltd., won multiple industry awards in website design, branding, and UX projects.

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Content Creation
  • User Experience
  • Consumer Market Research

Website Design

With more than 14 years of web design experience, I have worked on building many native apps and popular web projects. My journey started in high school when I was injured in a lacrosse game which gave me time to learn how to build a website. That was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • MERN Stack Development
  • WCAG 2.1 Auditing
  • Data Analytics


Through Benson & Klaus, a division of Yesterday Design Co. Ltd., we serve as advisors specializing in market research, IR-based web design, and communications for companies trading on the capital markets. Current clients include: green energy companies, F&B companies, and holding companies.

  • Market Research
  • IR-Based Website Design
  • Pitch Deck Development
  • Communications and PR
  • Advisory Services


With over 7 years in leading marketing campaigns and operations, I have become proficient in martech tools and strategy. My experience spans both digital and physical marketing roles. Being able to connect with an audience effectively and track the results is truly a rewarding feeling.

  • Leading Campaigns in SMS and Email
  • Content Marketing and Retail Experience
  • Owning the PnL for Marketing Operations
  • B2B and B2C Experience
  • Psychographic Research


Web design experience means nothing without proficiency in search engine optimization (SEO). I currently manage over 35 websites, 15 business profiles, and 3 knowledge panels. I have grown many websites from zero to thousands of pertinent, high ranking keywords, generating substantial revenue.

  • Business Profiles and Knowledge Panels
  • On-Page and Off-Page Discipline
  • Content Planning & Development
  • Keyword Research & Gaps
  • Schematic Markup Optimization

Social Media

I have had the pleasure of managing many client’s social media accounts, learning what works and what doesn’t. My knowledge of content creation, marketing, and strategic partnerships have proved my ability to convert followers into ambassadors for my clients and stakeholders.

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Leading Partnerships with Influencers
  • Content Calendars and Giveaways
  • Copywriting and Communications
  • Maintaining Diversity and Inclusion

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